Concord Park Neighbors

Many of you have the same concerns about the crime and other problems in our neighborhood as I do and have taken the time to attend several meetings. I want to thank you for making the effort and ask that you be patient while we stumble through the process of getting organized. The problems have been recognized but now we need to find solutions to the problems.

This program has been used to clean up many problems in the surrounding area - it works! If you need activity logs or we need to explain the program in more detail, please call Tom Marcellis at ###-####.
1) Fill out activity logs of past, present and future illegal or suspicious activity in our neighborhood.
2) Participate in the neighborhood watch program. We know our neighbors and who belongs in the neighborhood and who does not.
3) We need a survey of the crime in the neighborhood by October 20, 1998 so we can present facts to the City Manager and City Council members in upcoming meetings. Please list all crime, the approximate date and location that you are aware of that has taken place in the neighborhood. Please give all information to Tom Marcellis at
#### Cross Way.

In speaking with representatives from the Concord Police Department, City of Concord Neighborhood Planning and the Concord City Council, it was made clear to me that we need to form a Neighborhood Association in order to maximize our creditability with the City Council and anyone else who may be able to help us solve our problems.
1) Find people willing to be on the Nominations Committee and people willing to act as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, etc ... and give their names to the nominations committee. The Secretary will serve as Chair of the Nominations Committee and as such will be responsible for the conduct of all elections and for preparing all ballots for elections. Julie Murray has volunteered to be the secretary and can be contacted about being on the nominations committee or people willing to be board members at ###-####.
2) Decide what BY LAWS the Association will use. I have received a sample copy from Virginia to use as a guide.
3) Hold an election to vote on board members and by laws.

Our presence at the City Council meetings can make a huge impression on the council and how they vote. That impression can be good, if we act in a civil and orderly manner, or bad if we are an unruly crowd. We voted these people into office to protect us and help us with the type of problems we are now having. This is another way to impress the council with our desire to solve these problems.
1) Attend the City Council Meetings. I will pass out flyers with time, date and locations.

Tom Marcellis