Pedestrian Safety on Detroit Ave

   The Concord Park Neighborhood Association (CPNA) will join with the Monument Community Partnership (MCP) to advocate Pedestrian Safety on Detroit Ave. This is being done as a Healthy Neighborhoods Project sponsored by Contra Costa Health Services. The Healthy Neighborhoods Project (HNP) seeks to organize neighborhood residents around issues such as health and safety. Pat and Dave of the CPNA have already attended HNP advocacy training on November 15.

   The MCP and CPNA have the common goal of "A Community Where Residents Feel Safe and Secure: Proud to Live, Work, Play and Raise Their Families." We choose the Pedestrian Safety issue because this is a concern of residents living on all of Detroit Avenue.

   For the MCP, the lead Neighborhood Action Team (NAT) will be "Grupo de Union y Familia", the NAT for Meadow Homes Elementary School. The CPNA will meet with the other NAT's as a sub-committee to prepare an event where neighborhood residents and City of Concord officials will attend.