Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
7:30 PM to 8:30 PM
*** 2539 Lynn Avenue ***
Welcome and Introductions
Concord Community Reuse Project
According to an article In the Contra Costa Times, the Navy wants the City
of Concord to render the decision on its choice from 7 plans of future development
for the Concord Naval Weapons Station property within 3 months. If no decision
Is forthcoming within that length of time, the Navy may make its own decision
In order to expedite the development.
Dumpster Day: Results
We didn't need all of the dumpsters provided this year; this was a big surprise to the
City. I guess we're getting neater, or recycling better. The upshot of this is,
so we're told, that there will be one less dumpster provided next year.
National Night Out Twenty-Fifth Anniversary
At this month's meeting, we will be concentrating on finalizing our plans for
National Night Out (Tuesday, August 5th). We will be celebrating NNO's 25th
Anniversary. The Theme: An Emergency Preparedness Mini Fair! Anna and
Elton Eddy have information to share at this month's meeting. You're invited
to come to our meeting, July 1st, and help us plan this annual
Pot Luck Dinner and Party. We need You! Your suggestions count!
Big party; we NEED more help this year to set up.
Volunteer Coordinator: Pat Taylor, 689-1472
New Business
*The next Concord Park Neighborhood Association meeting
is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, August 5th, 2008, National Night Out!
**Please visit Concord Park Neighborhood Association on the web at: