Wednesday May 3, 2000
7PM to 9PM
Concord Police Department
Southern Field Sub Station
1955 Monument Blvd.
City Budget Workshop
You are invited to attend a workshop on Saturday, May 13 
in the Council Chamber, 1950 Parkside Drive, concerning 
the FY 2000-01 city budget. 
Neighborhood Work Plan
Review of the list of improvements for the neighborhood 
our association is submitting to the City. 
Daytime Curfew for all Minors
Proposed ordinance for a daytime curfew for all minors who 
attend schools within the City of Concord 
Committee Updates 
1) Neighborhood Cleanup - July 22, 2000 
2) Tree Replacement Program 
Curbs and Sidewalks for Detroit Ave 
Request for repair of the existing asphalt sidewalks 
along Detroit Ave 
New Business 
* Please mark the first Wednesday of each month for future Concord 
Park Neighborhood Association meetings