Concord Park Neighborhood
Clean up Day
Saturday, May 19, 2001
8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
or until all boxes have been filled.
The City of Concord will provide
dumpsters for residential trash & junk disposal
The dumpsters will be placed at the following locations:
Lynn Avenue, between 2531 & 2535
Todd Avenue, between 2531 & 2535
Cross Way, between 1300 & 1310
Cross Way, between 1340 & 1350
Attendants will monitor debris boxes,
which are restricted to residents who have received this notice.
Please bring this letter with you when you bring
your materials to the debris boxes
Please note that Concord Disposal will not allow the following items to be
placed in the dumpsters:

Hazardous materials, paints, motor oil, car batteries, tires, refrigerators or other appliances. Furniture and large items must be broken up. We recommend you recycle all items that have potential for future use and help to preserve the environment. No commercial dumping will be allowed.

Disposal of paints and hazardous materials can be disposed at the
Contra Costa Hazardous Waste Collection Center, Imhoff Place, Martinez, CA
(Adjacent to the Waste Water Treatment Plant)



Leave all tree trimmings in a pile, not wider than 5ft. All trimmings must be 4" in diameter or less and cut branches 5ft in length or larger desirable with the ends of the branches placed parallel to traffic. Larger pieces of wood and dead wood over 2" in diameter and stringy vegetation such as palm fronds must be placed in the debris box. The chipping crew will start the drive-by chipping at 8:00am.