What are some important roles that CERT members can play during a pandemic?

Ahead of time


        Give neighbors information about what pandemic flu is


        Encourage neighbors to prepare ahead of time - add to their regular emergency supplies


        Complete a checklist identifying special needs that would be important during an outbreak


        Identify resources that could be available to help


        Learn about accurate sources of information


        Encourage neighbors to get their annual flu shot


        Read your local health department's pandemic flu plan


During the Outbreak


        Get accurate information out to your community about how to prevent the spread and where mass clinics are being conducted


        Check on neighbors to see if they need medical assistance and/or food and help them get help


        Organize food deliveries


        Work with the local health department at alternate care sites


        Report to the local health department about new cases so they can predict surges


        Assist ill parents in caring for their well children


        Assist people with special needs by coordinating transportation to mass clinics for example


        Assist those with language barriers to understand self-care instruction


After the Pandemic or Between Surges


        Organize neighborhood events to support the survivors and renew the sense of community


        Give feedback to your local health department about what worked and what didn't


Draft CERT Pandemic Influenza Module: Participant Manual

May 5, 2009