Booth/puesto # Organization Name/
Nombre de organización
Health Screening Area/
Área de Exámenes Médicos
A, B, C Health Review
D Women's Cancer Initiative
E American Cancer Society
F Diabetes education
G Nutrition
H F.O.R.E. - Bone Density
I, J Asthma/Respiratory
K Cardiac & Blood Pressure
L Women's Health Center
M Dr. Barton Chiropractic
Mobile Clinic Cancer Center
Mobile Clinic Skin Cancer
Mobile Clinic Prostate Cancer
N Dental
O CCC Dental education
P Olson Chiropractic
Sight Mobile Glucose
Sight Mobile Vision
Sight Mobile Hearing
Information Booths/
Puestos de Informatión
1 Thelma Guerra Bail Bonds
2 Terra Home Loans
3 Bay Area Legal Aid
4 Bozzano Services
5 California Highway Patrol
6 California Telephone Access
Program CTAP
7 CC Brady Fund to Prevent Violence
8 CC Crisis Center
9 CC Water District
10 Concord Police Department
11 Stroke Support Group of CC
12 University of Phoenix
13 Contra Costa Health Careers
Collaboration - DVC
14 Costco
15 East Bay Regional Parks
16 Family Stress Center
17 Housing Rights Concord
18 Independent Adoption Center
19 JFK University
20 Lifeline Telephone
21 Dr. Samuel Lucha Chiropractic
22 Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
23 Wellness Community
24 Asociacion Hispana del Cancer
25 Caring Hands - JMH25
26 Mt. Diablo Center for Adult Day
Health Care
27 Concord Senior Center
28 CCC Area Agency on Aging
29 CCC Children & Family Services
30 CCC Children's Mental Health
31 CCC Drug & Alcohol Prevention
32 CCC Community Wellness &
Prevention Program
33 CCC Traffic Safety
34 CCC Asthma education
35 La Clinica
36 Contra Costa Child Care Council
37 Child Abuse Prevention Council
38 Catholic Charities
39 First 5 Center
40 First 5 Regional Group
41 MDUSD/First 5 Outreach Workers
42 Mt. Diablo Adult Education
43 CARE Parent Network
44 STAND! Against Domestic Violence
45 Monument Futures
46 New Connections
47 Monument Crisis Center
48 Planned Parenthood
49 CCC Community Services (Spark)
50 Younglife
51 Xue Clinic
52 Community Youth Center
53 Monument Community Partnership
54 Kaiser Permanente
55, 56 Food booth
  Bionico truck
57, 58 Health Plan enrollment
59 CCC CHDP and Lead Poisoning
60 La Clinica registration
Picnic tables/
área de picnic
Senior NATS
Jumpy area/