DECEMBER 7, 2004





The existing paragraphs in Article II are now titled Section 1.


Add the following sections to Article II.


Section 2


This organization is a nonprofit public benefit organization and is not organized for the private gain of any person.


Section 3


No substantial part of the activities of this organization shall consist of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the organization shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign (including the publishing or distribution of statements) on behalf of any candidate for public office.


Section 4


The property of this organization is irrevocably dedicated to charitable purposes and no part of the net income or assets of this organization shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer, or private person.




Add new Article XII.




Upon the dissolution or winding up of the organization, or upon Dormant Partnership status with the City of Concord, its assets remaining after payment, or provision for payment, of all debts and liabilities of this organization shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, foundation, or corporation, which is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes and which has established its tax-exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3), and the remaining Graduation Stipend shall be returned to the City of Concord.






Revise Section 6 of Article V to read:


Section 6 Attendance Records


An attendance sheet will be provided for attendees to sign at every Board, general, and special meeting. These records will be kept and maintained by the Secretary of the CPNA. Board members will contact the Chair or Secretary if they cannot attend a Board or general membership meeting.






Revise Section 1 of Article VI to read:


Section 1 Composition of the Board


The Board of Directors, herein referred to as the Board, will be composed of up to seven (7) members: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and three (3) Area Representatives. One member may hold both offices of Secretary and Treasurer. All members of the Board will be members in good standing of the CPNA.


Add Paragraph D to Section 2 Duties of the Board of Article VI.


D. Fund Raising: The Board will be responsible for any fund raising activities including acceptance of voluntary donations, stipends and grants.






Add Paragraphs G and H to Section 1 of Article VII.


G. The Chair will chair the Budget Committee, which will review, maintain and forecast the future expenditures and income for the CPNA, and report back to the Board members their findings and proposals for the year.


H. The Chair, or the Treasurer, will sign all authorized CPNA expenditures.



Delete Paragraph E in Section 2 Vice-Chair of Article VII.


Revise Paragraph E in Section 3 Secretary of Article VII to read:


E. The Secretary will be responsible for the conduct of all elections and for preparing all ballots for elections.



Add Section 5 to Article VII.


Section 5 Treasurer


A. The Treasurer will be an Ambassador for CPNA and at no time will the Treasurer use this position to endorse his/her personal beliefs or opinions when in conflict with the positions of CPNA. The Treasurer will only act upon the direction of the majority of the Board.


B. The Treasurer will keep true and accurate records of all financial transactions, without deletions, for the CPNA.


C. The Treasurer will provide a written and oral report on the financial status of the CPNA at each Board or general membership meeting. If the Treasurer is unable to attend, he/she will give the written report to the Chair who will report in place of the Treasurer. The written report will be included in the minutes of the meeting.


D. The Treasurer will prepare an annual financial report of the CPNA at the end of the fiscal year that will be distributed to members.


E. The Treasurer or the Chair will receive, and deposit to the CPNA account, all funds received.


F. The Treasurer will prepare, and the Chair or the Treasurer will sign, all authorized CPNA expenditures.


G. The Treasurer will be responsible for all necessary bookkeeping for each disbursement of CPNA funds and keep a balanced record book showing all cash assets of the CPNA in full.


H. The Treasurer will allow members to examine the financial records and pertinent correspondence upon written request for an appointment. At no time will the Treasurer let anyone remove original records and other material from his/her possession.


I. The Treasurer will be a member of the Budget Committee, which is responsible for preparing the annual budget and presenting it to the Board.


J. If the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary are unable to attend a scheduled meeting, the Treasurer will preside over that meeting.


K. At the expiration of the Treasurer's term of office he/she will deliver to his/her successor all CPNA books, records, accounts, inventory, funds and other property belonging to the CPNA.






Add Section 3 to Article VIII.


Section 3 Budget Committee


The Budget Committee will be Chaired by the Board Chair. Three (3) or more additional members of the association, including the Treasurer, will be on the committee. The Budget committee will prepare the annual budget and present it to the Board no later than one month before the new fiscal year. The proposed budget will outline both income and expenditures and will be in accordance with sound accounting practices. The Board will make any necessary changes and the committee will present the final budget for Board approval before or on the new fiscal year.






The existing paragraph in Section 2 of Article IX is now paragraph A.


Add the following paragraphs to Section 2 of Article IX.


B. Nominations for election to the Board may be accepted from the floor at the general meeting of the CPNA where elections for Board of Directors will occur. An individual to be nominated from the floor must be present at the meeting, must accept the nomination, and the nomination must be made and supported by at least two members other than the nominee.


C. The Secretary will be responsible for verifying and counting the ballots at the election and will report the results to the membership at the meeting during which the election occurred.